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We’re three guys who love playing, watching and talking football. In our news section you’ll be able to keep up with our cool football stuff around the world, and our ‘insightful’ thoughts on tips for organising a 5-a-side team, 7-a-side tactics, Arsenal’s latest disaster, and world football events.

Top 5 tactics tips for winning 5-a-side football teams

20th September 2021

We tested out our newest venue last night, a veritable 5-a-side ARENA on a Shoreditch rooftop at Britannia Leisure Centre in the heart of London. With brand new turf, stunning views and even walls for the uncouth/unethical to play bounce passes against, it’s a truly epic 5-a-side football pitch.

As always in Hackney there was extensive tactical discussion/argument during and after the game, and we decided to sum up our top 5 key points for new team managers – take a read, let us know if you agree?

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How to build a winning 5-a-side football team

5th January 2021

Want to know how to build a great 5-a-side football team?  We've watched the best for years in our London football leagues, we've done it ourselves in 5-a-side, 7-a-side and 11-a-side, and we've pulled together a short guide from what we've learned to help you think about the most important elements of a successful team.

Check out our detailed tips to help you become serial 5-a-side league winners like Dinosaurs FC in the pic.

Share, read, implement, and watch your team fly!

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Kaka graces Hackney with his presence in 7-a-side Ballers Leagues tournament

5th January 2021

Picture the scene. Feb 2020. Clean crisp air, clear skies, and players who've managed to wake up on time are gathering at a special invite only 7-a-side football tournament in Hackney. 10:30AM and we pull them all together. We run through the rules and then hand over to Ashley Lewis to finish the welcome. He steps up, thanks the lads, and then says "We heard ReachOut FC needed a player today, so we brought you a player to help out."

As he says it, Ballon D'Or winner Kaka steps through the crowd, ready to play for ReachOut FC!

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Ballers Leagues Team Testimonials

5th October 2018

We know our leagues are great, but why take our word for it - here's what some of our teams have to say about Ballers Leagues:

"Ballers Leagues focus on sportsmanship and customer service, creating an exceptional team football experience - relaxed but competitive at all times!" - Jonas Pereira, Tecnico Old Boys

"Ballers must be the highest quality league in London. High quality teams across the league. The lights and pitch are also top drawer, making for a great evening of football" - Charles Clegg, PEDS

"Energy, passion and some serious Ballers" - Alex Hassan, Heights

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