Kaka graces Hackney with his presence in 7-a-side Ballers Leagues tournament

5th January 2021

Picture the scene. Feb 2020. Before the pandemic, when we lived in a world of close contact, busy bars and these things called nightclubs. Saturday morning. Clean crisp air, clear skies, and players who've managed to wake up on time are gathering at a special invite only 7-a-side football tournament in Hackney. There's a little buzz, there are cameras about, and we've told the lads that Adidas want to come film them because they've heard there are some sick ballers on site today. They think it's all about them. 10:30AM and we pull them all together. We run through the rules and then hand over to Ashley Lewis to finish the welcome. He steps up, thanks the lads, and then says "We heard ReachOut FC needed a player today, so we brought you a player to help out."

As he says it, Ballon D'Or winner Kaka steps through the crowd. Jaws drop, eyes widen, gasps are exhaled, and then people just go crazy! One of the world's elite footballers is stood on the same pitch as them, kitted up and ready to be the greatest ringer of all time!  The rest is history.

When we found out Adidas wanted Kaka to play in London we were bang up for getting involved, and delighted we got to play a part. I mean, let's be real, if you bring Kaka to London to play in a local league, you pick the best one - and we all know there's only one choice there, so we made sure Adidas knew we could help out!  We kept it a secret from everyone, even the refs, so on the day of the event the lads who turned up had their minds blown seconds before kick off - and the guys who overslept, well, let's just say that was a BIG mistake. Kaka was a true gent throughout, and after a slow start (including an infamous nutmeg) he absolutely turned up when needed, ignoring calls for a cutback from Ali Aden to crash home a thumping left footed drive with the final kick of the tournament, prompting wild scenes and quality meme content with Emmanuel Yesufu.

We're really grateful to Adidas & co for involving us in the Rent A Pred campaign, and it was an experience no on present will ever forget. The best thing about it all was that our friends got to play with a football legend, something they would have dreamed of all their lives. We're proud to have been part of it, and at Ballers Leagues we can't make every dream come true, but god damn we do our best! 

You can watch it all here!  Kaka plays 7-a-side in Ballers Leagues, like all true legends

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