Ballers Leagues Team Testimonials

5th October 2018

We know our leagues are great, but why take our word for it - here's what some of our teams have to say about Ballers Leagues:

"Ballers Leagues focus on sportsmanship and customer service, creating an exceptional team football experience - relaxed but competitive at all times!" - Jonas Pereira, Tecnico Old Boys

"Ballers must be the highest quality league in London. High quality teams across the league. The lights and pitch are also top drawer, making for a great evening of football" - Charles Clegg, PEDS

"Energy, passion and some serious Ballers" - Alex Hassan, Heights

 "Great value league! Excellent game and price, none of the typical 5 a side rules that slow the game down - and friendly refs that you can build a rapport with" - Jon Downton, Lads on Toure

"Ballers Leagues are easily the best value for money football leagues in London. The pitches are high-quality, the website and games well organised and you get to play a full hour of football at a great price. I've played a lot of football in London over the last 10 years and would recommend this league over Powerleague, Goals and the rest." - Guy Fowles, Dinosaurs FC

"Ballers League in Haggerston School provides the best small sided football deal in London. Top quality pitches, footballs and 60 minute games sets it apart from the rest" - Alan Bond, Logical Progression

"This is awesome, it’s the Rolls Royce of football leagues!" - Ryan Perry, 4SF

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